Who joins the Matchstik Ambassador Program?

People who believe that traditional job search is broken, that people perform best when they play to their own strengths, and who like free swag and cool invitations join the Matchstik Ambassador Program.

What would I do?

Spread the word about Matchstik in your unique community (friends, family, campus, facebook groups, etc.) with your unique link that gives you credit anytime someone clicks on your link and creates a Matchstik Profile.

What would I get?

Swag (of course!) including things like stickers, hoodie’s, bottles, and more. If your unique link is spread a lot, you’ll receive exclusive invitations to cool events where you’ll help shape the product with your input.

How do I start?

Just enter your email using the widget below, and you’ll receive your unique link to start sharing. Check out this Pro Tips Sharing Cheat Sheet for ideas on how to promote your unique link. You can check back anytime to see how many people have used your link to create their own Matchstik Profile. If you have any questions or suggestions, please ping us at hello@mymatchstik.com anytime!