What is Matchstik?

We are the first website in the world that is helping employers find people based on who they are – their natural strengths, skills, and values – and helps candidates find jobs they love. We’re built on the belief that each of us has something unique to contribute, and by connecting people to jobs that fit them we all become successful together.

Matchstik, Helping Employers Source People and Candidates Find Jobs

Why Matchstik Matters

Traditional job searching is broken.  All job boards are based on the resume which tells employers very little about what’s most important–candidate’s skills, values, and natural strengths.  The result is that employers waste time and miss out on great candidates whose resume didn’t check all the boxes.  Conversely, high potential candidates often are unable to connect with a meaningful career because their resume gets filtered before a first interview.  As a team of former recruiters, we knew it shouldn’t be this way.  So we decided to do something about it–we launched Matchstik!

From the Founder

Dear Reader,

Welcome and thanks for learning about the mission of Matchstik!  My decision to found Matchstik was fueled from my love helping others unearth their full potential, and my frustration with traditional recruiting models.  I believe that every one of us has something unique to contribute.  I also believe that when we tightly align our unique strengths, skills, and values with our unique job responsibilities, everyone wins.  As individuals, we are happier, more satisfied, and a lot more successful.  Our families benefit too, because we come home less stressed and more energetic.  And our employers are thrilled because we’re more productive, innovative, and collaborative for them which lead to strong business results.

As CEO, I’m constantly listening to employers and candidates for ideas how we can improve your experience.  Please feel free to contact us and ask for me directly anytime if you want to share ideas or get involved in one of our user feedback communities.  We’d love to learn from you.

With gratitude,

Charles Causey

Interested in joining the Matchstik team?


First, please complete a Matchstik profile.


Email us to let us know that you’re interested in joining the team.
Once we receive your email, we’ll look at your Matchstik profile and let you know if we currently have an internal position that may be a fit!

Current Open Position(s)

Marketing lead – We are looking for someone to join our team to help spread awareness of Matchstik to both employers and job seekers in the greater Denver area.

  • Definition of success: You will be successful in this position to the degree you help us:
    • Track and measure candidate-aquisiton-costs (CAC) and hit specific CAC goals
    • Track and measure client-acquisiton-costs (CLAC) and hit specific CLAC goals.
  • Hard skills required: Regardless of years of experience, you must have proven skills in one or more of the below areas:
    •  Public Relations – Gaining local press coverage, writing articles for third parties to publish, gaining third party interviews, creating and publicizing press releases, etc.  In order to meet CAC and CLAC goals, strong performance in PR is absolutely necessary.
    • Social media – Implementing a process and performance oriented approach to social media on behalf of a fast growing startup.
  • Soft skills & values required:
    • Hunger to learn (growth mindset)
    • Ability to give and receive direct feedback (positive and negative)
    • Ability to effectively prioritize tasks with little oversight
    • Passion for the work of Matchstik–please only apply if you believe in the mission we’re on together!